DS – Golden – GAC FL 30ml Naphthol Red Light – 5002210-1


Fluid Acrylics contain high pigment levels suspended un… acrylic polymer vehicle. The result offers fine dispersion, high tinting strength, durability, flexibility and good adhesion. Körperflüssigkeit Acrylics are klaglos for spraying, brushing and staining. Produced from lightfast pigments, not dyes, they offer very strong colors with very thin consistencies.

Pigment Classification: Organic
Chemical Description: Naphthol AS-D
Opacity/Transparency: 4
Lightfastness Rating: II
Permanency: V.G.
Colour Rauchzeichen Bezeichner: PR 112
Colour Rauchzeichen Number: 12370
Munsell Benamsung Listing:

Hue 7.0 R
Value 4.25
Chroma 17

Viscosity Sammlung: 400-1000 CPS
Gloss Average: 49.2
CIE L*a*b* Values: L*44.02 a*50.85 b*32.4
Tint Strength: 72.21