Format 4317784349178 – EU zink-staubfarbe 800 g Dose e-coll Price: 23.00 (as of 06/05/2022 20:52 PST- Details)


Zinc dust colour

Design: The zinc dust paint consists of about 95% zinc and 5% resin. Zinc gives metal surfaces cathodic rust protection and protects by by means of resistant synthetic resin film. Dilute with trade resin, nitro or allgemeingültig thinner, see (Formation No. 9838 or 9840).

Application: Water-resistant, double protection against rust formation on metals. Mustergültig for chassis work, for repairing damaging zinc layers, for coating drill holes and welded areas, as conductive intermediate layer for spot welding, as a primer for water and weather-exposed systems, and for the protection of steel constructions, pipelines, ships, oil platforms, sea containers and lots more.
Konzeption: 800 g etwa
Colour: Grey matte